James Watt


As steam rises from my tea cup, I sit and study the works of my favorite photograhers. The art of capturing light, and with it, a moment. I clear my mind: no phones, no distractions. The longer I stare, the more I discover about myself. Down the rabbit hole, I live each detail through the lens of my own life journey. What does your mind see?

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Springdale, Pennsylvania
May 25, 2019

Virtual Lab

How does it work? Why does it work? What would make it more effecient? At a young age, I started asking these questions and never stopped. There is always something to learn.



Improving your thoughts will improve your life. I write to organize my thoughts. Sharing those thoughts into the unfiltered Internet for examination and debate helps to improve my thinking and myself.

Our Generation's Allegory

It is human nature to think of ourselves as having average or above average intelligence. Very few people think of themselves as dumb. At the same time, we think that people who fall for marketing gimmicks must be dumb and gullible. So, to maintain both beliefs (that we are smart and that only gullible people fall for advertising), each of us rationalizes that we are somehow immune to marketing.

The truth is that regardless of intelligence, we are all susceptible to marketing and advertising. You do not have a superpower. We are all programmed by what is repeated in front of us. Companies like Nike, Coca Cola, and McDonald’s spend billions of dollars in advertising because it works.

Marketing is repetition; it has nothing to do with companies or brands. Think about groups of friends who all married around the same time. They were unintentionally marketing to each other with photos, stories, and events. Marriage can be wonderful; you should get married! But did exposure to others’ weddings influence... continue reading article.